What Readers Are Saying

About the Friends With…Benefits Series

5 Stars: “If you haven’t read this series it is a must read. I have laughed and cried as I have read them. I love how it ended…”

5 Stars: “Luke Young did a fantastic job with the Friends series… Very well written… I loved the series… I believe in happy endings and love when it happens… way to go Luke!!!”

5 Stars: “As a writer, Luke Young takes us into the bedroom. If you love romantic fiction you’ll love this. If you haven’t tried erotic/romantic fiction before, give this a shot. I guarantee you’ll want to get in touch with your sensual side!”

5 Stars: “Halfway through reading the first book, I knew that I had to buy the rest of the series!

Friends with Partial Benefits Cover 5 Stars “…Not your typical romance novel! …truly great story telling…”5 Stars …Amazing !!! …I couldn’t put the Kindle down…”5 Stars “…Simply AMAZING! …This is in a category all of it’s own!!!”
Friends with Full Benefits Cover 5 Stars “…make sure you have a good block of time to devote to reading it, because you won’t want to put it down. I laughed out loud a lot, just like with the first book, but this time, there seemed to be even more… Plus, Brian and Jillian’s sexploits crack me up. Can’t wait to see what happens in the next book!”5 Stars: “Your favorite characters from Friends with Partial Benefits continue to charm, titillate, and entertain!! What an amazing series!!”
Friends with More Benefits Cover 5 Stars: “Luke Young does it again! It is an experience to behold!”5 Stars: “Keeps you laughing and guessing at what will happen next.”
Friends with Extra Benefits Cover 5 Stars: “A must read for believers in happy endings. I laughed throughout the book. Luke really pulled the stops out on this one.”5 Stars: “Very well written… I loved the series… I beleve in happy endings and love when it happens… way to go Luke!!!”


  1. […] prolific nature is a gift to fans across the globe who haveenthusiastically embraced the Friends With Benefits series. This fan support has driven the books up the Kindle […]

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